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About Us

The company is born of a passionate union of creativity and professionalism. A boutique communication agency founded and run by people endowed with competitive talent, global knowledge and versatile expertise. We offer tailored solutions in the realms of marketing, communication, and event management. We are fast and flexible. Our service model is personalized. Above everything else, we are in business to improve our client’s business.


UI believes in the power of relationships in marketing. Be it for a product or a service, a renowned brand or a startup, we employ the most effective strategy and means to reach the intended customer segments. We have extensive market knowledge, vital insight, strong network and real-time media access to take up marketing challenges across multiple platforms.

Event Management

UI is capable of undertaking events of any scale and scope. Whether it’s corporate events, public shows or private gatherings, we offer complete solutions from planning to execution. We also enable companies to showcase their most appealing brand image at exhibitions.  In addition to designing, building and managing stands or venues, our services include catering as well.


UI is intrinsically a creative communication agency. By developing unique concepts and ideas, we build compelling stories around brands. We follow a comprehensive content creation process that explores both the visual and verbal possibilities of a given project in order to elicit the desired response. We’re proficient in traditional as well as digital media.







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